NIMBL XLR8 + Membership Bundle

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NIMBL XLR8 and On-demand Classes:

Bring out the best in your performance and recovery by including the XLR8 percussion tool and On-demand classes.  NIMBL has assembled the World's most knowledgable experts to lead performance and recovery classes.  We offer a full range of classes including Golf, Tennis, Running, Cycling, Strength, Endurance, MMA, Soccer, Baseball, and more.   


Includes unlimited On-demand classes and the XLR8

6 Speeds provides versatility to address pre-workout, pain relief and recovery

1.2 LBS feather light 

4 hours battery life the endurance champ

70 Hz delivers unparalleled power

Whisper quiet (45 dB) keeps things very zen 

6 exquisitely designed and easy to clean attachments 

Carrying case to take on the go