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Add the NIMBL Percussion Certification Course to Your Offerings

NIMBL Muscle Percussion Certification CourseThe NIMBL Percussion  Certification online course provides best theory insights and practical training techniques to personal trainers and physical therapists. 
Include the course in your product offering or employee training programs.
Personal trainers earn up to 86% of your required CEUs and become a certified expert in percussion therapy.
The NIMBL Percussion Certification course provides continuing education units/credits (CEUs/CECs) for leading fitness certification bodies. 
The coursework provides strategies on implementing percussion into everything we do, from pre-workout activation, intra-workout and post-workout recovery. Includes movement theory and guidance to add percussion to your fascia-based training as well as recovery and injury prevention.
  • 3 lesson tracks
  • Foundational knowledge
  • Practical insights
  • Interactive online instruction
  • Game challenges and quizzes
Organization  CEUs Earned / Total Required 
NASM  1.3 CEUs / 1.9
AFAA 13 CEUs / 15
ISSA 13 CEUs / 20
NSCA .6 CEUs (category C) / 1-6 


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