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Certification in Percussion Application and Integration

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NIMBL Muscle Percussion Certification CourseThe NIMBL Percussion Application and Integration online certification course provides continuing education units/credits (CEUs/CECs) for leading fitness certification bodies. 
Earn up to 86% of your required CEUs and become a certified expert in percussion therapy.
The coursework provides strategies on implementing percussion into everything we do, from pre-workout activation, intra-workout and post-workout recovery. Includes movement theory and guidance to add percussion to your fascia-based training as well as recovery and injury prevention.
  • 3 lesson tracks
  • Foundational knowledge
  • Practical insights
  • Interactive online instruction
  • Game challenges and quizzes

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      Organization  You Earn / Total Required 
      NASM  1.3 CEUs / 1.9
      AFAA 13 CEUs / 15
      ISSA 13 CEUs / 20
      NSCA .6 CEUs (category C) / 1-6 

      At NIMBL we believe in movement, performance, prevention and pain-free living.