The Company

We are fitness and wellness educators. Getting the best equipment is essential but it is equally important to have the knowledge how best to make use of it so it has an impact on you. Our mission is to provide the best equipment on the planet and phenomenal classes that inspire, educate and motivate.

Just about everybody can benefit from NIMBL.  Using percussion to improve fitness, recovery(after exercise) to get ready for the next activity, and others are in pain utilizing NIMBL to increase blood flow to reduce discomfort.

The Product

There are many good percussion guns on the market.  However, without proper coaching and education most people do not get the full benefits or results.  The best percussion gun +  the world’s best coaches to help achieve your goals.

Right when you receive your NIMBL XCLR8 plug it in for a full charge and don't run it to empty. The battery charge  is between 5-6 hours depending on which intensity level is being used.

From time to time we offer special promotions.  Our best sales people are our customers sharing their experience.  If you would like to recommend NIMBL to your friends, team, colleagues, employer, etc. Check out the NIMBL Affiliate program. 

If you have any issues with the NIMBL XLR8  within 30 days after purchase we will replace it.  Just return the unit and we will ship a new one to your door.  

  • Damage caused by dropping product or some other accidental damage, misuse, abuse or mishandling.
  • Product not being used correctly in accordance with instructions.
  • Product getting wet, any liquid spillage, or use of lotions, or exposure to extreme cold temperatures or extremely hot temperatures.
  • Unauthorized repair
  • Theft
  • Failure to provide proof of purchase or purchased by an authorized reseller If you have a warranty issue contact us Support@NIMBL.com

Our NIMBL community is thrilled to have you join us. If for any reason you are not happy with your NIMBL purchase you have 30 days to return it from the date of delivery. Our NIMBL Care team will be there to assist.

  • Your NIMBL order # it is essential for all of us to know this.
  • NIMBL Does not cover shipping costs on returns.
  • Please take care to ensure that all items are repacked in their original box and all cords and accessories and documentation is included that came in the box.


Yes! Take your NIMBL in your Carry-on luggage. It may not be packed as checked luggage as per TSA rules.

Percussion 101

Muscle (tissue) tension and adhesions are the main cause for discomfort. The NIMBL XCLR8 works with the brain to increase muscle blood flow as well as break up the fibers that have fused together. With improved blood flow the muscle temperature rises and the brain can communicate better with the percussed areas allowing for release and activation.

Use low speeds before your workouts or inside your workout. When you need a little boost to a certain muscle group or area(s).

Use High speeds after your workouts, to minimize pain, to increase flexibility or for general use.

Tilt the head slightly or Change to a higher speed.

Percussing bony areas can be very painful and is not recommended.

The best attachment head for bony areas is the NIMBL Doublesoft head.

Tight, form fitting clothing is best when percussing. During a workout or post workout it is important to dry the muscle areas you are going to percuss allowing the attachment head to float over the muscle area.

When using before activity you only need 20-30 seconds, after activity you can use up to 2 minutes per area per session.

Yes, using percussion at slow speeds is like working out and you can over do it so pre workout/activity should stay to 20-30 seconds per muscle area. Keep it to 2 minutes maximum per area per session.

You can use percussion multiple times a day as long as you keep each session less than 2 minutes per area.

Science suggests that using percussion can increase blood flow, break up fibrotic tissue or adhesions for greater range of motion and less pain.


If you think you have what it takes to be a NIMBL Educator reach out to our Chief Education Officer jeremy@joinnimbl.com.